About Us

Looking for natural alternatives to everyday essentials, TerraEssentials founder, Morgan Sherrod has built her company which focuses on providing plant-based alternatives to commercial, everyday products like deodorants and toothpastes. An aspiring doctor, Morgan uses her knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, Botanicals and Holistic Practices to formulate by hand products that are effective, good for the body and good for the planet.

TerraEssentials began from Morgan's desire to find a natural alternative to commercial toothpaste. A friend of hers had back surgery done, and never truly felt the same after. Whenever he would brush his teeth with conventional, flouride-laden toothpaste, he would lose his appetite, become nauseous, and feel tingling and discomfort in his lower back. This prompted Morgan to formulate the first TerraEssentials Product: TerraPaste.

Since then, She has devoted part of her life to developing natural products that are essential to life, such as deodorants, toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, facial care, and so many other products.

TerraEssentials strives to be as eco-friendly as possible. Most products are plastic-free and can be reused/recycled. We also use eco-friendly packaging and a carbon-neutral shipping carrier. If you purchase from TerraEssentials, we ask that you please reuse/recycle your product containers and all packaging.